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Alphens Argon's Chain Bandit Area Bloden Swamp Bloten Caergoth Caravans Central Thelgaard City of Lemish City of Tarsis City of Vingaard Daemon's Ground, Graveyard Daerforge Dak Roth Dargaard Keep Darken Wood Dwarven Mine Eastern Plains of Dust Eastwall Mountains Enravel Keep Estwilde Foghaven Fox's Den Freeport Goblin Caverns Goblin Stronghold Gryphon Veil Gully, uhhh, Roma High Clerist Tower 1 High Clerist Tower 2 Hopeful Vale Icewall Glacier Isles of the Pirate Lords Kendermore Klarbardin Knight's High Road Kurmost Lacynos Lower Hybardin Marsh Meitol Middle Hybardin Mudhole Neraka Forest Nordmaar Northern Khalkist Mountain Northern Kharolis Foothill Northern Warrens Northwest Plains of Dust Old Coast Road Palanthas Palanthas Province Palanthas Sewers Palanthas Surrounds Palanthas Thieves Guild Pax Tharkas Plains of Abanasinia Player Room Area Players Area 2 Port of Schallsea Qualimori Qualinesti Forest Qualinost Sanction Sanguine Manor Sea Caves of Zeboim Sentinel Peaks Skullcap Solace Solace Thieves Guild Solamnic Outpost Solamnic Plains Solanthus Sorthrus's Cathouse Southern Abanasinia Southern Darkwood Southgate Southwest Palanthas Southwest Plains of Dust Stone Rose Stonehammer Lake Tantallon Telvan Temple of the Undead The Blood Sea The City of Garnet The City of Neraka The Cloudseeker Range The Eastern Warrens The Ergonesti wilds The Lordcity of Haven The Lordcity of Kalaman The Ruins of Itzan Nul The Ruins of Xak Khalan The Smilin' Mug The Sunken Ruins of Istar The Tower of Tran The Town of Gateway The Urkhan Sea The Village of Hillhome The Village of Khol The Village of Lantern The Village of Willik The village of Ash The village of Bazin The village of Que-Shu Thelgaard Keep Thorbardin Core Throtyl Tower of Palanthas Trigol Tunnel of Quag'Meth Underwater Plains Upper Hybardin Urione Valley of the Thanes Valley of the Thanes Lake Village of Ahlanost Village of Que-Kiri Vingaard Keep Vingaard Mountains Warden Swamp Wayreth Forest Western Qualinesti Western Warrens Xak-Tsaroth